In today’s economy, we know that many job seekers are struggling to find a job. While every job candidate faces their unique challenges, there are always several things to keep in mind. Whether it’s rewriting your cover letter, reviewing the way you approach interviews, or rethinking what kind of job will make you happy, here are some tips for landing a new job.

1. Network and tap any potential contacts you might have, even if you haven’t talked with them in years. Some job openings aren’t even posted online because employers fear being overwhelmed with applications. There’s definitely a hidden job market in Michigan.

2. On your resume, use targeted keywords and key phrases about your skill set that will improve the chances your resume will make it through an automated scan. For tips on the types of words and phrases to include, look at the online job description that’s given.

3. Attend networking events, connect with employment contacts online and leverage your alma mater’s career services office. With so many colleges and universities in Michigan, employers know they are a great source of potential employees.

4. Choose the right references. Make sure you know what this reference is going to say about you.

5. Position yourself as a thought leader. Create a professional blog and write insightful posts about industry trends and advice. Comment on other top blogs to increase your visibility within those communities. Join and participate in niche communities, such as LinkedIn groups related to your expertise and skills and geographic groups specific to Michigan job seekers and employers.

6. Help employers find you. Instead of spending all of your time identifying jobs and applying, you should also ramp up your presence on social media networks.  Recruiters use LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook to find candidates, so make sure they can find you—and see that you’re posting relevant content. You’ll also inadvertently network with people who might lead you to your next job opportunity.

7. Tailor your cover letter. First, make sure it does more than summarize your resume. Then, use it to provide information about how you’re a great fit for the job, including information that isn’t available on your resume, such as personal traits, work habits, and why you’re excited about the position.

8. Make sure you ask questions at a job interview. And make sure they’re good ones. This will show an interviewer that you are discerning about the company for which you work, that you have prepared for the interview, and that you’re familiar with the company. Spend some time looking up company reviews online and reading the latest news about the company and about the industry overall.

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