Temporary staffing can lead you to your next big career opportunity. Consider this: more than a third of American companies are operating with smaller staffs than before the recession. But to keep their businesses moving, companies have to hire contract or temporary workers. So temp jobs aren’t just about filling in for someone who’s sick or on vacation anymore. They can be just what you need to get your career moving in the right direction:

Are you:

  • A student looking for employment?
  • Looking for a career change?
  • New to the Michiana area?
  • Military personnel looking for a job after deployment?
  • Finding it difficult to get work because of a lack of required experience?
  • Looking for a winning career to change your life?

Instead of holding out for the dream job or aimlessly browsing the want ads for jobs that don‘t fit your needs, consider accepting a temporary job.  Surprisingly, a temp job may just be the golden ticket that you are waiting for—to boost your career or find the employment situation that’s right for you, right now.

Temporary jobs are a great way to build experience, sharpen your skills, fill the gaps in your resume, and give you flexibility while experimenting with different career options. It will also improve your odds for future employment, all while making money and new connections!

  • ŸExperience:  Temp jobs can give you the experience you are lacking through on-the-job training.  Take advantage of this chance to sharpen your skills, update your knowledge in a field, or gain proficiency in specific software that a prospective employer considers required experience.
  • ŸResume Building:  Pad your resume with your new-found skills, and fill in the gaps with employment and expertise so you look and feel knowledgeable.
  • ŸNetworking:  Not only will you be meeting new people, you will be expanding your professional network!  You never know what a new connection will do for your career.  Impress the right people, and your temporary position could lead to something permanent, or perhaps make a new friend in an industry where you are anxiously looking to get your foot in the door.
  • ŸReferences:  Taking a temporary position will give you a chance to impress your employers and ensure current, positive references that you can bring with you when you move on.
  • ŸFlexibility:  Getting experience under your belt with a busy family or hectic schedule can be tough.  A temp job could be a great way to work around your schedule while still finding a match that fits your career needs.
  • ŸCareer Sampling:  Have you only recently entered the workforce but are not really sure what you want to do with your career? Temping is a perfect way to try on different hats while not being tied down with a long-term commitment.  You may just discover a new venture or path you have never thought about before.
  • ŸKeep Active:  Don’t just sit around and wait for a job to come to you. Getting up, getting dressed and out the door in the morning is a great way to keep active and stay sharp.
  • ŸTake Home a Paycheck:  Let’s be honest, in this economy good jobs don’t grow on trees any more than money does.  Temp jobs can provide you with good employment and a great paycheck when currently you may not have many other options.

Making the right connections and finding the right temp job in Michiana can be as easy as contacting The Wood Companies.  Experts in staffing, HR, and employment are ready to offer you solutions to your career needs and help connect you to a diverse number of job opportunities.  Cash in your golden ticket today and let us help you find a job today!

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