Humans are creatures who crave change, yet have a tendency to resist it out of fear or lack of motivation. To anyone who is considering changing jobs, knowing when (and how) to change jobs can be a comfort. But when should you change jobs? And why? We have compiled a few indicators that might show you could benefit from a change of employment:

You are filled with dread each Sunday evening. It’s 9:30 p.m. on Sunday evening. Are you settling down to welcome your week, or are you anxious at the thought of going in to work the next day? This is an excellent indicator of a need for change. If you spend 40+ hours per week at your job, you are likely spending more of your waking hours with your colleagues than with your own family. Shouldn’t those hours be spent doing something you find engaging as opposed to uncomfortable?

Job dissatisfaction is affecting your health. Stressors at work can create very real repercussions for your physical and mental health. According to PsychologyToday, “the impact on mental health of a badly paid, poorly supported or short-term job can be as harmful as no job at all.”

The only thing holding you back is fear. Many people remain in positions that do not fulfill them because they fear the current job market. That fear prevents many people from even looking to see what’s out there. But according to this Gallupdata, there has been an upward trend in employment over the last three years. Michigan’s labor rate corroborates this data, which is fantastic news for job seekers. Remember, there is no harm in looking for a new job while you’re currently employed.

So once you’ve decided that a career or employment change is best for you, what comes next? These steps can get you started in the right direction:

Update your resume and cover letter. Perhaps you have been recognized for achievements or earned a promotion, but the current information on your resume doesn’t reflect these accomplishments. Or, maybe your skills section needs revamping. Go over your resume with several people to get different perspectives that will revitalize you.

Consider companies you believe in. Working for a company that is aligned with your values and vision can be an important factor in job satisfaction. It is, therefore, a good idea to carefully consider the companies to which you plan to send your resume. If you believe in a company, you will be energized by that.

Show that energy in your interview. If you felt fired up enough about a company to want to work there, show that energy to your interviewer! Employers love to see candidates who are passionate about their company’s efforts.

Continue to give your all at your current job. Even if you loathe your current job, it is a good idea not to burn bridges or to leave on bad terms. The best way to ensure that this does not happen is to give your all at your current position until your last day. You will be respected by your colleagues, and you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are an exemplary employee.

Work with a staffing agency. Staffing firms have insider knowledge of the local market, and can take your job search to the next level. Your recruiter will evaluate your skills, and then match you with a job that would be a good fit.

Leaving your current job or switching careers doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. Contact us today to explore the job opportunities in Michiana!

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