While the job market is popularly touted as universally dismal, the fact is, according to a recent survey, there is high demand for positions in an oft overlooked area of employment: skilled trade labor.

According to the survey, skilled trade jobs are the number one hardest jobs to fill in 2012. With over 1,300 employers surveyed at companies all over the country – including right here in the Michiana area – this is an extremely realistic look at challenges companies are facing in the job market. If you are looking for a change, or have been seeking a new career, it is worth considering skilled trade jobs. The lack of qualified candidates makes this path even more appealing to those interested in a new career.

For instance, welding is a trade that is becoming more popular among newer skilled trade trainees. More and more individuals are leaving academia, disenchanted with student loan debt and less and less promise of stable work after graduation: “With the industry, and what’s going on right now, I decided that I would prosper more in a job to where I was a trade, where I can use my hands, instead of a job to where I’d be getting a degree,” said Kevin Harvey, a welding student at Lively Technical Center, a trade school in Florida. This MIG welding job opportunity in Bridgman is just one example of the opportunities available for welders in the Michiana area.

Another example of excellent skilled labor positions are CNC operation job opportunities in Niles. With fewer qualified applicants, positions in CNC operation are open and waiting to be filled by people just like you.

If you are looking for opportunities that are plentiful not only in the greater Michiana area, but across the nation, consider changing paths. Skilled labor positions are open all over the country, and are waiting to be filled by people who are exemplary candidates. To get started finding a skilled labor position that could start you on a career path that is more satisfying and stable, contact us today. We can help you find quality temp, temp to hire and full time jobs that can change your life!

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