We live in a multigenerational business world, with each age group bringing a unique perspective to the workplace. Some of the youngest in the workforce today include Generation Y, which is made of employees in their mid-20s to 30s. Sometimes referred to as “Generation Me,” or “Millenials,” they are often driven to succeed and demand recognition at an early stage in their careers. However, this is a highly creative and technically savvy group of workers who are self-reflective and ready to learn new skills if given the right opportunity.

To better understand how to hire and manage Gen Y employees, here are some guidelines for better recruitment and performance development of what could be considered the greatest workforce yet.

Hire for Potential

Most Gen Y candidates are just starting their careers, so they will most likely have limited work experience. In your recruitment efforts, your job will be to identify the soft skills that demonstrate each candidate’s potential in certain job types. Look for candidates that have soft skills that will be a good fit for the position you are hiring for; for example, finding a candidate who has strong interpersonal and communication skills for a customer service role. Use a temporary staffing model to bring new hires on board for short-term projects to help you determine where they can best fit into your company objectives.

Keep Adventure Alive

The positive thing about hiring and managing Gen Y candidates is that they are highly adaptable and have big dreams ahead of them. Consider giving younger workers, who are not tied down to families yet, the chance to travel to new company offices or project locations. Give Generation Y the opportunity to work on exciting new projects using their knowledge of technology. They tend to be personable, love to connect with others, and achieve more satisfaction from praise than previous generations of employees.

Encourage Collaboration

Generation Y employees like to communicate and collaborate with peers at work – a sign that they are appreciated and respected by others. A big part of this collaboration involves respect from all members of your team, from your most seasoned employees to your newest hires. Make respect a core value of your culture. Just like Generation X, your Y employees like to use a variety of methods to communicate from email to social networking. Make them a regular piece of your collaboration strategy.

Set the Bar Higher

While you may have to conduct some “hand holding” initially with Gen Y-ers, the truth is many of these brilliant workers are fully capable of learning their responsibilities fast and earning more responsibilities. To increase performance on the job, set expectations higher as you work with them. Give them rewarding work and then recognize their achievements. Create incentive programs to encourage performance from all your employees, with some rewards that are geared towards the lifestyle of your younger workers too. Celebrate successes and give Generation Y the praise they deserve.

By following the above tips for success, your organization should be better able to handle the unique challenges of hiring and managing Generation Y employees. If you are looking for top job candidates in the Michiana area, contact the recruiting experts at Wood Staffing. Our recruiters have years of experience recruiting, vetting, and hiring Generation Y employees, and are available to assist you. Contact us today to learn how we can help your company!

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