Sometimes what a candidate doesn’t say during a job interview can speak louder than their answers to your questions. Nonverbal cues can provide an inside look at what the candidate is actually thinking ─ rather than basing your decision solely on their well-rehearsed responses.

Before conducting your next job interview, be sure to familiarize yourself with the following six important nonverbal cues:

1)      Handshake: Not only is it polite to greet the candidate with a handshake, it can also tell you a lot about them. A firm, solid grasp is a sign of confidence, while a weak grip can indicate insecurity.

2)      Grooming: It goes without saying that candidates are expected to look professional for a job interview. Those who show up appearing flawless, clearly respect you and want to make a good first impression. However, if a person is dressed inappropriately or appears disheveled, they don’t really want the job.

3)      Eye Contact: Maintaining good eye contact throughout the interview is a sign of honesty and respect. While the candidate should not stare at you intensely, they should look you in the eyes as much as possible when either of you are talking. Anyone who fails to sustain a proper level of eye contact may be dishonest or filled with self-doubt.

4)      Smiling: While it may appear insignificant, the amount of times a person smiles during the interview can be very telling. Candidates who are excited at the possibility of coming to work for your company will smile at least a few times during the interview, displaying their enthusiasm. If a person fails to smile at all, this may indicate a lack of interest in the position.

5)      Posture: The way a candidate chooses to sit can speak loudly on their confidence level. Anyone sitting on the edge of their seat likely feels insecure, while those who slouch may be disinterested in the interview. The best candidates will sit up straight, in a natural looking manner.

6)      Arm Crossing: It may appear harmless, but when a person crosses their arms during a job interview, this can be indicative of a number of negative characteristics, including arrogance and defensiveness. The best candidates simply position their arms to the side in a relaxed manner.

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