If you’re searching for a permanent position, you may be less than thrilled at the idea of taking on a job with a defined end date. At first glance, temporary and contract positions may seem like a dead end, but in reality, it’s the opposite ─ they actually have the power to jumpstart your career.

Whether you’re hoping to be offered a permanent position at the end of your contract or are simply using the job as a way to earn money and gain experience, temporary work can be exactly what you need to take your career to the next level.

Four Tips to Stay Motivated in a Temp Job

Having a little trouble staying motivated in your temporary position? It can be challenging to remain enthused about a job you know you won’t be holding for too long. Rather than allowing yourself to become discouraged, focus on the following ways to stay inspired:

  1. Build Your Network: Build connections with as many people as possible at your temp job. Make a lasting impression with your hard work, quick thinking and winning personality. You never know who may be willing to serve as a reference or recommend you for other positions in the future.
  2. Learn New Skills: Take every opportunity you have to learn new skills. Volunteer to take on extra projects and tasks that could help increase your marketability in the future.
  3. Keep Your Resume Current: Consider the value your temp job brings to your resume. When you begin looking for your next position, you won’t have any employment gaps to explain to hiring managers.
  4. Plan Your Next Move: There are a lot of great things about temp jobs, including the ability to try out a variety of different roles to see where you’re happiest. If you don’t like the job, you have an end date in sight to look towards. However, if you do enjoy the work you’ve been doing, use this knowledge to find a permanent position you’re passionate about.

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