Interviewing candidates to fill a position at your company is a huge responsibility. Many people may appear great on paper, but lack the personality and values needed to succeed at your organization. Standard skill-based interview questions don’t always touch on company culture, so you may inadvertently be choosing the wrong candidates because you’re not asking the right questions.

6 Questions You Must Ask Every Candidate

Your staffing agency has found an impressive short list of candidates for you to meet, so you already know each person has the skills needed to excel at the position. Ask the following six questions to determine which candidate is the best fit for your company culture:

  1. Describe your preferred management style. Knowing how a person prefers to interact with their manager is key information. If your company tends to give employees a great deal of autonomy, a candidate who prefers a very hands-on management style will probably not thrive at your organization.
  2. Do you typically befriend your co-workers? It’s important to understand the type of relationship a person hopes to have with their colleagues, as this can make or break their level of job satisfaction. For example, a talkative, social person who enjoys getting to know their co-workers probably won’t be happy in an environment where people keep to themselves and rush home at quitting time.
  3. When part of a team, what is your typical role? If the position requires a great deal of teamwork, you want to be sure you’re hiring a candidate who works well with others. Someone who is versatile and willing and able to play any role needed is the ideal candidate, as they can easily work well with all personality types.
  4. Explain your preferred work style. You may not realize it, but your company culture largely defines the work styles of your employees. If a candidate responds that they prefer to work independently, they’re probably not a great fit for your highly collaborative work environment.
  5. What is your ideal company culture? This question is a very straightforward way to learn exactly what the candidate is looking for in an employer. Gauge their thoughts on major issues like organizational values, employee commitment levels, leadership styles and dedication to continued learning to decide if they’re a good fit.
  6. Share a time when you went out of your way for a customer. When customer service is a huge part of your company culture, this question is essential. If the person struggles to come up with a way they’ve inconvenienced themself for a customer, they’re probably not a great choice for the job.

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