Whether you’ve been laid off or fired, losing a job is a life-changing event. It’s only natural to feel upset, angry and scared about what the future holds, but the manner in which you handle the situation will chart your course. You couldn’t control your fate with the company, but you do have the power to pick yourself up and make this career derailment nothing but a temporary glitch.

Instead of letting your job loss define you, make it your mission to come back stronger than ever.

  1. Take Care of Yourself. Losing a job is an incredibly stressful life experience, but allowing it to keep you up at night and drive you to unhealthy lifestyle choices won’t help matters. Instead of allowing it to drag you down, use the time away from the workforce to exercise regularly, eat healthy, and get plenty of sleep each night. When it’s time to go on job interviews, you’ll be in the right state of mind to make a great impression.
  2. Spend Time with Loved Ones. When going through a rough spell, it’s always important to surround yourself with those who have a truly positive influence on your life. Now that your schedule has hit a temporary lull, take advantage of the opportunity to spend extra time with family and friends. These people truly care about you and want to help you work through this difficult patch.
  3. Take Time to Reflect. After losing your job, take a few days to think about what went wrong — if you were fired — and what you want from the next chapter. It’s important to clear your mind and go into your job search with a plan, instead of immediately embarking on a panic-induced quest for anything offering a paycheck.
  4. Reach Out to Your Network. Employers highly value referrals from people they know and trust, so put some feelers out in your network to see if anyone is aware of an opportunity you might be interested in. Even if your initial outreach doesn’t bring any results, there’s a very good chance it will produce something in the near future.
  5. Create a Daily Job Hunting Routine. Searching for a job often feels like a full-time gig itself, so treat it like one. Build your daily routine around searching for jobs and networking to avoid falling into a rut. It feels great to have a long list of job-related accomplishments at the end of the day, and it increases your chances of finding a great fit in no time at all.

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