As hiring experts, recruiters are in the know about everything impacting your local job market. Consequently, these professionals can serve as valuable assets in your quest for new opportunities. They can help fine-tune your search, offer advice and provide valuable feedback from employers.

Many companies only hire through staffing agencies, so your recruiter can also help you score an exclusive interview invite. Of course, if you want to gain their assistance and get a great job, you have to make a good impression.

4 Ways Impress a Recruiter

Dress Professionally

Meeting with a recruiter isn’t a formal interview, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to look your best. Many candidates make the mistake of dressing casually for a meeting with their recruiter, which doesn’t send the best message. Wearing formal attire or at least business casual makes you look more professional and shows respect to the recruiter. From the recruiter’s prospective, when they send you out on job interviews, you represent them, so they need to know you can be trusted to dress like a professional.

Take Your Search Seriously

When you team up with a recruiter, they invest a significant amount of time and resources in you. Consequently, you need to be fully devoted to your search. Show up on time for both job interviews and meetings with your recruiter, spend time preparing for every interview, and listen to advice from your recruiter.

Be Honest

Your recruiter wants to help you find a job that makes you happy, so feedback is always appreciated. If you’re not interested in a certain company or an interviewer gave you a weird vibe, speak up. Recruiters aren’t mind readers; they rely on you to offer input and direction to make your search a success.

Don’t Fall Off the Grid

It’s frustrating for a recruiter to be unable to get a hold of a candidate. No one expects you to sit by the phone, but do your best to return calls, texts and emails within a few hours. If your recruiter can’t get in touch with you, this could cause you to miss out on job opportunities. When you include a recruiter in your job search, it’s only fair to display excellent communication skills.

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