Summer is in full swing, and many of your employees would rather be lying poolside than working away at their desks. You can’t afford production to take a hit, so you need to act fast to boost engagement levels. Thankfully, a little inventive thinking can make all the difference. Use these tips to motivate and inspire your staff.

Start a Friendly Competition

Get your employees excited to work their hardest by instituting a challenge that can either be completed in teams or as a solo effort. Offer an enticing reward — e.g., free lunch, extra vacation day — and watch your previously uninspired staff spring back to their old selves.

Institute Summer Fridays

Working until 5 p.m. on a summer Friday is rough, so give your team a break. Allow people to leave a couple hours early if all their work is done. This will motivate them to keep moving all week, because no one wants to be the only one left at the office on Friday afternoon.

Praise Employees Who Speak Up

Some people don’t share their opinions, because they fear backlash. Keep your team engaged by letting them know how much you value their feedback. Even if you don’t always agree with them, thank each person who speaks up and let them know their voice matters.

Host Weekly In-Office Happy Hours

No one wants to let down colleagues they admire and respect, so carve out time to help your team bond. Choose one day each week to stop work a little early and focus on team-building. Casual gatherings over drinks in the breakroom will help employees get to know one another as people, instead of just a nameless face they pass in the hallway.

Be Flexible With Work Hours and Location

It’s hard for people to focus when their mind is elsewhere. When possible, be accommodating by allowing employees to work on their own terms. People who can set their work hours around a child’s schedule or work from home when necessary know they have a good thing going, and they reward their employer by giving 100 percent effort to their jobs.

Create a Mentoring Program

A mentoring program is an all-around win, because it can engage and inspire both the mentor and the mentee. Allow employees to voluntarily sign up for either role, then match them as you see fit.

Hold Lunch and Learns

Many people would like to do something productive with their lunch hour, but aren’t sure how to go about it. Help them along by starting a lunch-and-learn program. The possibilities for presentations from both internal and external parties are endless, so ask people what they want to learn and find a way to bring it to them.

Work Together for a Good Cause

Charity work is something many people are passionate about, so enthuse your team by giving back to a cause voted on by the group. Take the day off work or ask interested employees to donate a Saturday morning and do something kind for a nonprofit that needs your help. Your generosity will make people feel grateful to be part of such a big-hearted team, and that will be reflected in their work.

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