Accepting a job offer is an incredible feeling. The next chapter in your career is just about to begin, but first you need to resign from your current position.

Depending on the motives for your departure, you might be a bit sad to leave fantastic colleagues or completely elated to get away from a toxic situation. Either way, you must quit your job like a professional. Follow these steps to leave on a positive note.

Give Plenty of Notice

Your new employer should understand you can’t just walk away from your job. Giving two weeks’ notice is the industry standard, but if you can provide a little more, your current boss will certainly appreciate it.

Display Gratitude

If your present employment situation isn’t ideal, you might dream of marching into your manager’s office and sharing a piece of your mind. In this scenario, divulging the brutal truth won’t get you anywhere, so keep your good reputation intact. Thank your boss for the opportunity and show appreciation for all you’ve learned as part of the team.

Offer to Help Find Your Replacement

Being short-staffed is tough on the entire team, so help your boss fill the gap as soon as possible. Volunteer to update your job description, sort through resumes and sit in interviews to speed up the hiring process. Since you know exactly what’s needed to be successful in the job, your input can be crucial. Of course, it’s possible your replacement won’t be found before your last day, but anything you can do to assist will be appreciated.

Help Your Boss Divide Your Tasks

Your job involves many important tasks that can’t be left untouched. If your position won’t be filled before your departure, work with your boss to split key responsibilities among remaining team members. You know what it takes to accomplish each initiative, so your take on which person is best suited to tackle each task can be very helpful. When your duties are divided, train each person so they’ll know what to do upon your departure.

Work Hard Through Your Last Day

Many people give their notice, then do the bare minimum for the rest of their tenure. While tempting, this is a thoughtless move because your colleagues will be left to pick up your slack. It can also backfire if things don’t work out at your new job or if you need a reference from this employer down the road.

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