Competition for top jobs in Michiana can be intense, so to get hired, you need to have the skills employers want. Every industry has its own set of in-demand skills, but certain abilities are valued across the board.

Many skills that will be highly sought-after by employers in 2018 aren’t exactly innovative, but companies are placing an increased emphasis on them, because they’re essential. Find out what skills you’ll need to succeed this year.


You can have all the technical skills in the world, but if you can’t relate to others, you won’t be successful in any job. Employers want candidates with the ability tailor their message to the audience in front of them. Issues arise when words get lost in translation, so use the hiring process to showcase your ability to relate to everyone.

Technical Competency

Many job descriptions don’t list the need to for basic proficiency in applications like Microsoft Word and Outlook, because employers assume candidates already have these skills. You won’t make it past the interview stage without these abilities. Enroll in a course to learn standard applications commonly used in office settings, if you don’t feel comfortable with your current level of competency.

Emotional Intelligence

Robots are poised to take over many tasks in the future, but some will always require a human touch. Emotional intelligence is the ability to read the emotions of others and manage your own accordingly. Employers want candidates with this skill, because it helps maintain healthy relationships with both colleagues and clients. If you possess this skill, it will reveal itself during your interactions with the hiring manager.


Most jobs aren’t completely predictable. Employers want candidates who are flexible in nature and willing to go with the flow. This might involve occasionally staying late to work on a project nearing its deadline or taking on a few tasks not listed in your job description for the good of the team. During a job interview, share examples of past situations that required you to be flexible to prove you don’t operate on a rigid structure.

Problem Solving

Things don’t always go smoothly in business, so hiring managers value candidates with solid problem-solving skills. If you’re a quick thinker who can come up with creative solutions to problems in a pinch, be sure to highlight this on your resume and during job interviews. Use specific examples of past situations to drive your point home.

Time Management

It’s hard to accomplish anything if you constantly lose track of time. Employers value candidates with good time management skills, because they can be trusted to stay focused. Emphasize this ability during job interviews by sharing techniques you use to help manage your time during the workday.

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