The strength of your team directly impacts the success of your company. Those solid as a rock work together better and produce seriously impressive results, so your team needs to become unbreakable.

As the boss, the strength of your team is in your hands. It’s your job to identify gaps and find a way to patch them. Get started by putting these five tips into action.

Empower People

You hired bright, hardworking people, so give them the freedom to spread their wings. Encourage them to share ideas for innovation and test drive new initiatives, because they might come up with the best thing that ever happened to your company. This also helps employees feel more invested in the organization, because they know you believe in them, and they’re able to take ownership of projects important to them.

Be Transparent

Sometimes you might feel compelled to protect employees by keeping certain information from them; however, that won’t end well. Earn the trust of your team by always being upfront and honest about issues impacting the company. Create a culture of open communication, so everyone is on the same page at all times and no one ever feels left in the dark.

Make Success a Team Effort

Everyone contributes to the team’s success, but some people might have a hard time realizing their value. Help each person understand how their work impacts the group as a whole, so they’re inspired to keep doing their very best for the team. On the surface, a task might seem like busywork, but when you show the person how it fits into the bigger picture, they’ll realize its importance.

Display Gratitude

Your employees aren’t mind-readers, so when someone really impresses you, speak up. The best workers don’t expect to receive compliments at every turn, but it’s discouraging to feel like the boss doesn’t notice any of your hard work. Not only will your kind words make people feel appreciated, it will also encourage them to keep giving the job their all.

Help Employees Bond

People work better when they’re comfortable with their peers, so help your team connect. Arrange group lunches, happy hours and other off-site events so employees can build stronger relationships with one another. No one wants to let down a team of people they truly care about, so this will inspire them to do their very best work.

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