The best hiring managers are extremely selective. They know the job on their team is important, and they’re not willing to settle for anything less than the perfect candidate. Consequently, they ask some pretty tough interview questions, because only the right person will keep their cool in the hot seat.

Prove you’re the best person for the job by preparing a winning response for each of these questions.

Tell me about yourself.

On the surface, telling the interviewer about yourself probably doesn’t seem too hard, but the vast scope of the question makes it difficult. This isn’t the time to give a narrative of your personal life, so offer up only professional information relevant to the job.

Don’t rehash your resume, but do expand on selling points that make you the right fit for the job. This will likely be a mix of skills, achievements and overall years of experience in the field. In conclusion, touch on why you’re interested in both the position and the company.

What is your greatest weakness?

During a job interview, you want to impress the hiring manager, not divulge your weaknesses. This question is designed to trip candidates up, and it frequently does, but you’re not going to fall for it.

You might think the best response is to say you don’t have any weaknesses or list something that’s a positive trait — e.g., “I work too hard.” — but that won’t get you hired. Instead, share something real you’re actively working to fix. This gives the interviewer the honest response they’re looking for, but shows them you’re a proactive person working toward self-improvement.

Just be careful when choosing a weakness to highlight, because you don’t want to share something that could keep you from getting hired.

Why should we hire you?

You know you should get the job instead of another candidate, but articulating an intelligent reason can be tricky. Chances are, your competition has similar resumes, so highlight what makes you unique.

The best response will involve a mix of professional experience and personality traits. This showcases your ability to succeed at the job itself and perfectly blend with the company culture.

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