They’re only with your company for a short time, but temporary employees are part of the team. You want them to be happy, engaged and well-trained, so they can reach their potential. However, many companies make the mistake of providing them with minimal onboarding.

Not only is it unkind to treat temporary workers as second-rate staffers, it also doesn’t make sense. These people are working on behalf of your business, so their success is a win for everyone. Follow these tips to successfully onboard temporary staffers.

Coordinate With the Staffing Agency

It’s never wise to assume a temporary employee has certain skills. Prior to their first day, touch base with the recruiter to get on the same page about the person’s job-related abilities. Find out what, if any, training will be provided by the staffing agency, so you know what to focus on. Coordinating with your staffing partner will allow you to fill in the gaps and avoid overlapping.

Give the Team Advance Warning

As with any new hire, informing the team of their impending arrival is a must. Send an email that provides a little background information on the temporary employee and the role they’ll be filling at your company. This way, when they arrive on their first day, everyone will be expecting them, which will make them feel welcome.

Provide Orientation

You wouldn’t think of adding a full-time staffer to your roster without orientation, so follow the same standards for temporary employees. They’ll be working alongside your team and representing your company, so it’s important for them to have a thorough introduction to your business.

Assign a Buddy

Learning the ropes at a new company takes time. Make the process a little easier by pairing the temporary worker with a seasoned staffer. When starting a new assignment, many people feel too shy or embarrassed to ask questions, but having a dedicated point person makes them more comfortable.

Open the Lines of Communication

You’re a busy person, but find a few minutes each day to meet with new temporary employees to check in. This will give you a chance to see how they’re progressing, make any necessary adjustments to the training process, and answer any questions that can’t be handled by their assigned buddy. Knowing the boss cares enough to see how they’re adjusting will also make them feel valued, thus encouraging them to work their hardest.

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