Turnover happens at every company, but if your top talent has been dropping like flies, something is up. The best and brightest workers always have other options, so if they’re not happy, they won’t think twice about walking out the door.

These intelligent, hardworking professionals are essential to the future of your business. It’s time to get to the bottom of this surge in resignation letters — and fast — because you can’t afford to lose all of your top people.

3 Common Reasons for Increased Attrition

Bad Managers

Working for someone who lacks managerial skills can make every day at the office a terrible one. Nearly two in five employees (38 percent) have left a job because of their manager, according to a 2016 CareerBuilder survey.

Everyone doesn’t have what it takes to be an effective manager. If taking on a leadership role is the only way to advance at your company, you probably have a lot of people in these positions who shouldn’t be there. Carefully evaluate both your path to advancement and your management team to make sure neither is scaring valued employees away.

No Room for Growth

Top talent is on their way up the ladder, so they’re not content in the same role for too long. If your company doesn’t offer a place to take the next step in their career, they’re forced to move on to new opportunities.

Avoid this by talking to your best employees about their career goals for the future. When possible, work with them to make your company a place they can grow. This might involve having to create a new position for them, but they’re worth it.

Poor Compensation

Money isn’t the driving force behind an employee’s passion for their work, but it is important. A person’s salary determines their standard of living, so if you’re not paying enough for a talented employee to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, they’ll have no trouble finding an employer willing to do so.

Use data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to gauge average salaries for your employees’ job titles in your industry in Michiana. If your compensation levels fall below average, try to find extra room in the budget to step up your salary game. When this isn’t possible, at least sweeten the deal by offering a few enticing perks to make life at your company more attractive.

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