When you’re actively pursuing new career opportunities, it’s always exciting to score a job interview — until you realize you don’t actually want the job. Now you’re faced with the dilemma of whether to go on the interview anyway or politely decline it.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to handle this situation. Sometimes it’s a good idea to schedule the interview and sometimes it isn’t. Each invitation must be taken on a situational basis. If you accept, you need to make sure there’s something to gain, without offending the interviewer and subsequently burning a bridge.

4 Reasons to Interview for a Job You Don’t Want

Sharpen Your Interview Skills

If you have the time, and you haven’t been on many — or any — interviews lately, this can serve as a good trial run. Prepare for it as seriously as you would for an opportunity you’re genuinely interested in and see how you fare in the hot seat. Your performance will help you learn what areas you excel in and what to keep polishing, so you can make a great impression when interviewing for a job you really want.

Gain Leverage

Sometimes companies need to know you’re in demand to really step up their game. Say you’ve received an offer for a job you do want, but the compensation package isn’t ideal. Interviewing for another job can help you gain leverage. If you receive an offer, you can bring it back to the other company to see if they’ll match it. With any luck, this will help you get the job you want and the compensation package you deserve.

Find Clarity

You might know you don’t want this job, but aren’t actually certain what you do want in a new opportunity. Going on this interview will expose you to an entirely new position at an unfamiliar company. Learning about both the opportunity and the organization will help broaden your horizons and help you figure out where to focus your search efforts.

Explore Your Options

On paper, this job doesn’t sound like a good fit. However, you might get to the interview and realize you had the wrong idea about it. You could discover the job description was poorly written or another misconception you had about the position led you to falsely believe it wasn’t right for you. It’s possible you’ll walk out of the interview relieved you went, because you discovered you actually do want the job.

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