The end of the year is the perfect time for reflection. January will be here in no time at all, so now is the perfect opportunity to look back on staffing issues that impacted your company in 2018.

Carefully reviewing things that went well — and others that didn’t — will help you prepare for the year head. This will allow you to start the new year feeling ready to make 2019 your company’s best year yet.

3 Best Practices to Prepare Your End-of-Year Staffing Review

Get Your Recruiting Partner Involved

Conducting your end-of-year staffing review without your recruiter just doesn’t make sense. Be sure to invite them to the meeting, because they play a major role in your hiring process. It’s important for them to know about any staffing issues you faced this past year and what’s headed your way in 2019. This will help them create a plan designed to fit the unique needs of your team.

If you’re not already working with a staffing partner, consider bringing one on in the new year. Your recruiting expert will help you assess your talent needs for the year ahead and will work quickly to get the right people in place as soon as possible.

Assess Your 2018 Hires

Take a look back at the new additions to your team this year. Assess both their job performance and cultural fit to determine if your current hiring strategy is working. This is a great way to make positive changes to your approach, so you can learn from your mistakes and use them to hire even better in 2019.

Understand Your 2019 Staffing Needs

No doubt, your company has big plans for the year ahead. Whether you’re hoping to launch a new product or increase your customer base, you’re going to need extra hands on deck to achieve these lofty goals. It’s never too early to make a hiring plan, so figure out what positions you’ll need to add now, so you’re ready to go when it’s time to start expanding the team.

Looking for help in 2019?

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