There’s no better time to start fresh than a new year. Now is the perfect opportunity to start thinking about ways to make your team even stronger.

If a lack of communication was an issue last year, now is the time to find a solution. It’s hard to move forward when signals are constantly crossed, so nipping this problem in the bud will benefit both employee relationships and your bottom line.

4 Ways to Help Your Team Become Better Communicators

Create an Open Door Policy

If you spend most of your time behind closed doors in your office, you’re inadvertently causing a disconnect between you and your staff. You might welcome interruptions from employees, but keeping your door shut sends the message you don’t want to be disrupted.

As the boss, you set the tone for the team. If people don’t think you value open communication, they won’t place a priority on it themselves. It’s a simple gesture, but leaving your door open as much as possible will encourage people to come to you more often with questions, comments, and concerns.

Clearly Define Roles and Responsibilities

Chaos ensues when people don’t really know what they’re supposed to be doing. Help your team communicate better by establishing clear parameters for each person’s job. This will stop people from stepping on each other’s toes, because it will eliminate any grey area. When everyone knows exactly what their job entails, they can focus on it, instead of operating in a constant state of confusion.

Plan More Team-Building Activities

Every person on your team has a different communication style. Signals often get crossed when employees don’t understand how to relate to one another. Put an end to this by organizing more team-building activities in 2019, so people have an opportunity to bond outside the office. When employees really know one another, they’re able to communicate better.

Request Feedback

Get to the root of your team’s communication issues by going straight to the source. No matter how hands-on of a boss you are, it’s impossible for you to see everything. Employees have a different perspective than you do, so ask them what could be done to improve the problem. You might find a lack of video conferencing software makes it hard to communicate with remote employees or the office floor plan isn’t conducive to group chats.

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