The holiday season just wrapped up. You’ve spent the last few weeks attending festive parties, shopping for gifts, and spending time with loved ones — which means your job search was most likely on hold. No doubt, you had big plans to keep looking for new opportunities throughout December, but life happens.

But now that the Holiday Season is past us, it’s time to get back to the career hunt. Use these tips to get your job search back on track.

Start Fresh With New Goals

A new year is a time for a fresh start. Think about what worked and what didn’t last year and use any lessons learned to shape your strategy for 2019.

Get excited to revitalize your job search by creating a new set of actionable objectives. For example, don’t just vow to make new connections this year —challenge yourself to add someone new to your network each week. An updated game plan will make you excited to get back to the grind.

Hold Yourself Accountable

A stellar job search strategy is only as effective as the person steering it. Use your new actionable objectives to hold yourself accountable. Make it extra enticing by rewarding yourself when you achieve your daily, weekly, or monthly goals by the set deadline.

It’s also a good idea to ask someone you trust to serve as your accountability partner. If you know you’ll have to answer to them when you slack, you’ll be less likely to veer off course.

Take on a Staffing Partner

The ultimate accountability coach, a recruiter will help you dive right back into your job search. They’ll review your resume, help you figure out where you’re headed, connect you with exclusive employment opportunities, and work with you to prepare for interviews. You’ll still have to put the effort, but this is a fantastic way to streamline your search to find an incredible new job as quickly as possible.

Envision Your Success

If you’re still feeling sluggish from the holidays, it’s probably hard to motivate yourself to do anything related to your job search. Break out of this state of mind by imaging yourself in an incredible new position at a company you’re really excited about. Creating a vivid picture of success will make you feel excited and enthused to get back into the swing of things.

Get a Great Job in Michiana in 2019!

Don’t stress if the hustle and bustle of the holidays didn’t leave much time for anything else. Wood Staffing is here to help jumpstart your Michiana job search. Contact us today to get back on track!

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