It’s always exciting to read the resume of a seemingly perfect candidate. Not only does this person have the necessary skills and experience to excel in the position, they also possess many added abilities that make them stand out from the crowd.

You want to believe the candidate is really this amazing, but as a savvy manager, you’re skeptical. Unfortunately, many people lie on their resume, so you have to perform proper due diligence to verify the facts presented. Here’s some advice to help you cover the bases.

4 Essential Candidate Vetting Tips

Ask for Details

When interviewing candidates, ask tough questions that really scratch the surface. For example, if they have a project listed on their resume, you might inquire about specific processes or tools used to perform the work. Assuming it was completed relatively recently, they shouldn’t have any trouble answering detailed questions, if the information on their resume is indeed fact.

Put Them to the Test

Anyone can claim to have certain skills, but unfortunately, it isn’t wise to just take their word for it. Give candidates a test assignment to gauge the depths of their talents for yourself. This is the best way to see if people really are as skilled as they claim. Those who can put their money where their mouth is won’t bat an eye about taking a test.

Check References

Anything but a formality, checking references will help you verify candidates’ credential or identify major red flags. This step adds extra time to the hiring process, but it brings tremendous value.

No one is better equipped to speak to a candidate’s abilities than former managers and colleagues who have worked alongside them. Don’t pass up this golden opportunity to learn more about the person’s skillset.

Perform a Thorough Background Check

As an honest person, you wouldn’t think about lying on your resume, but everyone doesn’t share that sentiment. Conducting a comprehensive background check on candidates is a great way to spot a liar you don’t want on your team.

The level of detail you’ll need to include largely depends on your industry and the nature of the job. Background checks can involve verifying educational information, searching public records for criminal history, checking personal credit, and combing the person’s online presence. Having this information in front of you makes it possible to truly hire with confidence.

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