A new group of young professionals has entered the workforce. The eldest members of Generation Z — born from 1995 to 2010 — started graduating college about two years ago, so it’s possible you already have a few on your team. If not, get ready, because they’re coming.

Generation Z shares many similarities with millennials, but they’re also very different. Here’s a look at five tendencies and work habits that will help you market open positions to this demographic.

  1. They Want Career Growth

Millennials are known for their job-hopping tendencies, but Generation Z appears poised for company loyalty. These young workers seek employers that offer career growth, allowing them to work their way up the ladder at one organization, instead of having to change jobs to achieve advancement.

  1. They’re Extremely Tech Savvy

Unlike their millennial counterparts, Generation Z doesn’t know a world without smartphones, social media, and the Internet. Consequently, they want to work for companies that place a high value on technology. If you’re using outdated equipment, prepare to upgrade — and do so on a regular basis — to attract and retain this group.

  1. They’re Excited to Work in an Office

It might come as a surprise, but Generation Z isn’t obsessed with flexible work options like their older millennial peers. Instead, these young workers take a more traditional approach to their career, displaying an eagerness to show up to work in an office. It’s also worth noting that they prefer to have their own workspace, instead of operating in the currently popular shared variety.

  1. They’re Practical

Keeping in line with their traditional mindset, Generation Z seeks a competitive salary and other money-minded perks, including health insurance. These financially savvy workers value employers who provide them with the means to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

  1. They Value Equality and Diversity

Generation Z is all about inclusion. They want to work for a company that offers equal opportunities to everyone. This group isn’t afraid to voice their opinions, so if they believe an employer doesn’t treat everyone fairly, they won’t work there and they won’t be afraid to call out the perceived injustice.

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