Chances are, you’ve had at least one horrible boss. This person was rude, demoralizing, and just plain awful. Under their watch, you weren’t motivated to do your best work, because you had zero respect for them.

Now that you’re in charge, don’t become that person. Being the boss is a major responsibility, but if you do it right, you’ll have the most loyal employees you could ever imagine. People want to work for a manager who makes them feel valued, and when they get that, they’ll do anything they can to return the favor.

4 Ways to Be an Amazing Boss


Don’t Micromanage

Leading a team puts a lot of weight on your shoulders, so wanting to keep close tabs on your employees makes sense. However, there’s a fine line between requesting regular updates and being too hands on. You took great strides to hire talented people, so allow them to do their jobs as they see fit. If you constantly hover, your team will feel like you don’t trust them, which will cause morale to take a serious hit.

Listen to Your Employees

You’re the boss, but you’re not the only one with good ideas. Show your team you value their thoughts and opinions by listening to them. It’s ok if you don’t use every idea, as simply having a voice goes a long way. When people feel heard, they’re inspired to do their best work. Having the ability to make meaningful contributions to the team makes people really enjoy their jobs.

Get to Know Your Team

Staying holed up all day in your corner office keeps your team at arm’s length. Employees are inspired by a boss who gets to know them as people. Accomplish this by visiting your team’s work area several times per day, holding regular team lunches, and making an appearance at after-work happy hours. Little things like knowing the names of your staffers’ kids and asking about their weekends goes a long way.

Give People a Solid Work-Life Balance

All work and no play makes for a very unhappy team. Be the boss who respects boundaries by encouraging your team to leave the office at quitting time and leaving them alone during their off-hours. Grant as many paid time off requests as possible, and if your company allows it, encourage people to take advantage of flexible work options. Employees really appreciate a work-life balance, and when they get it, they work hard to keep it.

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