When filling an open position on your team, you’ve met plenty of talented candidates. Choosing just one to fill the position was rough, but you finally made your decision.

Now that you’ve selected your new employee, you’re eager to put the hiring process behind you and catch up on all the work that fell by the wayside while filling the position. This is completely understandable, but first, you need to finish wrapping things up.

Your work is not complete when you secure your new employee. You also need to tie up loose ends with the candidates not selected, because it’s the right thing to do. Here are a few tips to keep you from burning bridges.

3 Ways Not to Treat Candidates You Don’t Hire


Not Informing Them You Filled the Position

It’s a great feeling when your top choice accepts your job offer. You know the other candidates will be disappointed, so you’re not eager to break the news. In fact, you’ve convinced yourself they’ll get the message when they don’t hear from you.

The thing is, these people took time out of their busy schedules to interview for the job. They’re waiting eagerly to hear from you, so when they don’t, they — rightfully so — will feel slighted. Some of these candidates might be a great fit for a future opening at your company, but they probably won’t consider going through the process again if they feel disrespected this time.

Leading Them On

Choosing the best new hire isn’t easy. You really liked several candidates, and you’re not sure if you made the right choice. Instead of promptly notifying those not selected, you’ve been keeping them in the dark about your hiring decision, in case things don’t work out with your first choice.

This is monumentally unfair because you’re feeding these people false hope. Stay in their good graces by immediately letting them know you’ve chosen someone else, but ask if you can keep their application on file for the future. Candidates will respect you for this because it will allow them to move on.

Refusing to Provide Feedback

You’re eager to shut the door on the hiring process, so you’re not too keen on answering calls and emails from candidates not selected, requesting a critique of their performance. Since you see nothing in this for your company, you’ve been ignoring these people.

Candidates devote a great deal of time and energy to job interviews. In a matter of minutes, you can provide valuable feedback that could help them get chosen for the job next time. People really appreciate this gesture, and they won’t hesitate to tell others about your kindness. This will boost your company’s reputation, thus enticing top talent to apply for open positions.

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