Company morale is hugely important for every business, so it’s critical to acknowledge outstanding efforts by your employees. These hardworking people don’t expect to be recognized for every little thing, but when someone exceeds your expectations, a small gesture really makes them feel appreciated.

As a kind and intuitive boss, you want to make your team feel special, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it. Here are a few tips to show your gratitude.

Call Out Achievements in a Company-Wide Email

Public praise from the boss feels pretty great. When you’re really impressed with an employee’s performance, send a mass email to the company highlighting their accomplishment. You can even save time by sending one out on a weekly or monthly basis to acknowledge all recent achievements at once.

Give a Small Token of Appreciation

If you have the budget, recognize outstanding work by giving employees a gift card or a small cash bonus. This is something people really want and can use, so they’ll be excited to receive it and pleased to work for such a thoughtful employer. In fact, seeing their peers get such a great reward will likely motivate other employees to step it up.

Buy Them Lunch

Everyone appreciates a free lunch. Reward exemplary efforts by taking individuals out to lunch, or ordering in, if you’re honoring a large group. This serves the two-fold benefit of praising employees for their hard work and getting to spend some quality time with them.

Write a Handwritten Note

They’ve become a bit old-fashioned, but that’s what makes handwritten notes so special. Buy a stack of notecards to keep in your desk, and when an employee goes above and beyond to get the job done, write them a thank-you note. This is a very simple, yet meaningful gesture that’s often overlooked these days. Chances are, the recipient will keep your note for years to come.

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