When a candidate reads a job description for an opening on your team, it might be their first impression of your company, so make sure it’s a good one. The best job postings provide a detailed overview of both the position and the organization.

If the posting is difficult to find or isn’t written in an enticing manner, you can’t expect to receive an overwhelming response from top talent. Here’s some advice to create job descriptions that inspire the best and brightest candidates to apply immediately.

Incorporate Relevant Keywords and Phrases

You want your job descriptions to appear in search results, so weave applicable keywords and phrases into the content. This includes both terms related to the job itself (ex. Google Analytics for a marketing job — and location-specific phrases — for a marketing assistant in South Bend). There’s no need to saturate the description with these terms. Choose a few and work them into the text in a natural-sounding manner.

Don’t Post Duplicate Content to Job Sites

Less is more when posting open positions on job boards. You might think sharing the same description with a slightly different job title will increase exposure, but it can actually work against you. Search engines might pick up on your strategy and mark you as spam. Not only will this impact the exposure of this posting, but it could also have a negative effect on other jobs at your company.

Use Standard Job Titles

Many companies like to write creative job titles that reflect the company culture. Offering a glimpse inside your organization is great, but the job title isn’t the place for it. For example, someone searching for a human resources manager position might type the phrase “HR manager job” into a search engine, but they’re not going to type in “HR wizard.”

Make the Description Scannable

Neither job seekers nor search engines are interested in reading lengthy blocks of text. Instead, organize information into short paragraphs and bullet points, so it’s easy to scan. This format allows pertinent details to pop, instead of getting lost in a sea of irrelevant text. Top talent has many jobs to consider, so making the content easy to read increases the chances they’ll take a moment to see what the job is all about.

Include Key Details

Applying for a job is a time-consuming experience, so top talent wants to make sure a position truly checks all their boxes. Appease them by including data such as salary, benefits and your office address in the listing. This will allow your description to show up in more search results,

and providing these details will help keep the wrong candidates from applying — i.e., fewer resumes for you to filter out.

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