The right job for you is more than just a skills match. If the company culture doesn’t align with your personality, you won’t last.

Composed of several key components — i.e., work environment, mission, values, expectations — culture defines what it’s like to work for a particular company. A job might seem like a dream on paper, but if you’re not a match for the company culture, you’ll be miserable.

Here’s some advice to help you learn as much as possible about company culture during the job search process. This will help ensure you’re not right back at square one in a few weeks or months:

4 Tips to Find the Your Ideal Cultural Fit


Decide What You Want

You can’t identify your best cultural fit if you don’t know what that is. Before starting your job search, think about what you want from your next employer.

Reflect on your past jobs to determine which work environments you’ve been happiest in — personally and professionally. The best jobs make you feel supported in the office while offering your ideal work-life balance.

Conduct Background Research

Use sites like Glassdoor to read company reviews written by current and former employees. These firsthand accounts can offer telling insights on the work environment, which can be monumentally helpful if you don’t have any contacts at the company. This is a great way to learn more about things like expected work hours — i.e., if overtime is a regular occurrence — and manager attitudes.

Carefully Observe the Work Environment

Be perceptive when visiting the office for your interview, because you can learn a lot about the company culture. For example, if the office is quiet and employee conversations appear limited to business-related topics, the work environment is likely very professional.

There’s no right or wrong company culture — only what works for you. If you feel more comfortable in a bustling, highly social setting where employees frequently spend time together outside of work hours, you won’t be happy at a company where everyone keeps to themselves.

Know What Questions to Ask

Hiring managers expect you to ask questions during the interview, so prepare several related to company culture. For example, you might ask “How do managers give feedback to employees?” or “How is success measured?”

Looking to Staff Up?

Open-ended questions will help you learn more about what it’s like to work for the company. Use their responses to decide if it’s the right place for you. Not sure how to secure the right cultural fit? Wood Staffing is here to assist! Contact us today to find the right Michiana employer for you

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