A job description is the first impression your open position makes on candidates. If it doesn’t properly sell it, top talent won’t apply.

Many companies make the mistake of posting the same old job description every time a position becomes available. This classic mistake is a huge deterrent for quality candidates because jobs change with time. Posting a job description with outdated responsibilities and goals might save you a few minutes in the short-term, but it will cost you top talent.

Of course, stale content isn’t the only thing that deters the best and brightest candidates. Here’s some advice to help you write job descriptions that attract top talent.

5 Tips to Write Better Job Listings


Don’t Get Creative With Job Titles

At first glance, it might seem more interesting to name a position an “accounting superhero,” than simply referring to it as a “bookkeeper” role. However, candidates aren’t going to understand your inventive job titles, and they won’t appear in search results. Using a common job title might not be as fun, but it will attract more applications from quality candidates.

Clearly Describe the Job

As noted above, the job listing should define the position in its current form. Descriptions must be written from scratch and offer a solid look at daily life in the role. Use bullet points to describe the key responsibilities associated with the job, so candidates understand what it entails.

Provide Insights on Salary and Benefits

Top talent knows their worth. They want a job they’re truly passionate about, but they won’t apply if the salary and benefits don’t align with their desired standard of living.

If you don’t have a set salary assigned to the job, it’s perfectly acceptable to post a range, as it gives candidates an idea of what to expect. There’s no need to share every company benefit, but choose a few of the best to showcase.

Highlight Your Ideal Candidate

Applying for a job can be a considerable time investment, so top talent wants to know they have a chance. If you don’t list minimum requirements — or they’re far too vague — they might be passing up the job, because they don’t want to waste their time. Including specific requirements allows candidates to know immediately whether or not they have a chance of being considered for the job.

Share What Makes Your Company Unique

Since the best candidates have their choice of employers, you really need to sell your company. Assume they know nothing about your organization and provide a brief introduction that covers the basics. If they’re intrigued, they’ll conduct supplementary research, so make them want to learn more.

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