Your employees are amazing. You truly value them and all the wonderful contributions they make to your company — but do they know that?

Every successful business is busy — especially large ones and those working to expand. It’s easy for management to get lost in day-to-day operations and become used to working with employees, without really knowing them.

A lack of relationship can cause a disconnect, making people feel like they’re just a number. If this is happening at your company, use these tips to make it clear your employees are seriously special.

4 Ways to Show Your Staff They Matter


Get to Know Them

Sure, you know your employees’ names and a few basic facts, but you don’t really know them on a personal level. Change that by fitting them into your schedule. Ask them out to lunch and accept invitations to happy hour to bond outside the office.

Learning more about their families and what they do in their free time will deepen the relationships you have with your team. Knowing you care enough to take an interest in them will increase employee satisfaction levels because they’ll feel valued.

Display Gratitude

You’ve grown accustomed to having employees who do great work, but that doesn’t mean their efforts don’t need to be acknowledged. Those two little words — thank you — go a long way, so use them often. When someone goes out of their way for you or otherwise exceeds your expectations, let them know how much you appreciate everything they do for you, the team, and the company as a whole.

Listen to Their Ideas

When you don’t have a voice, it’s easy to feel invisible. Make your employees feel valued by asking for their opinions and really listening. You hired bright people, so allowing them to suggest everything from new products to ways to optimize outdated processes and procedures just makes sense. Everyone wins because you get the most from your employees, and they get to make meaningful contributions.

Keep Them in the Loop

Being the last to know important news never feels great — especially when it involves your employer. Whether a shakeup is happening on the management team or you’re in talks for a merger, your team should be the first to know.

Remaining silent might be your way of protecting them, but news travels fast. Even good news won’t resonate the same if it doesn’t come from you, because hearing it through the grapevine is insulting.

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