Being the new person on the job can be difficult. Learning the ropes of a new role, while trying to acclimate into a new company culture is a big deal.

First impressions mean a lot, so you want to prove you were the right choice for the job. However, you don’t want to turn your new colleagues off by coming in like a tornado. Here’s some advice to help you strike the perfect balance.

4 Ways to Make an Immediate Impact at Your New Job


Bond With Your Boss

Start things off on the right foot with your manager by getting to know them. Schedule a meeting to discuss basic things that will make working together easier — i.e., their preferred communication style. Taking the initiative to get on the same page will impress them because it shows your desire to have a great working relationship.

Listen and Learn

Marching in on your first day and immediately trying to change things will do nothing but build you a solid enemy base. Instead, take some time to observe how things work at the company. You’ll be able to make a faster impact if you can assimilate to the culture and speak to your new peers in a manner that makes sense to them.

Seek Out Inefficiencies

Your new peers have been doing things a certain way for a long time, so it can be hard for them to spot inefficiencies. Being the new person on the team allows you to view existing processes and procedures with a fresh perspective. If you come across unnecessary steps or think of a more resourceful way to complete a task, speak up. You might be able to save the company time and money from the start.

Educate Your Team

Finding your way around a new job is a process, but you’re not the only one with something to learn. You were hired because you bring something special to the table, so pass your knowledge on to the team. Teach them new skills and impart knowledge gained at previous jobs to help them learn and grow. In a short period of time, you can help everyone do their jobs better.

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