Your company has an established code of conduct, but that doesn’t mean additions aren’t necessary. Both your organization and the business world are constantly evolving, and your policies need to reflect this.

Learning how to implement a policy properly is a sign of good management. Whether you currently have a new rule you’d like to introduce or want to prepare for the future, here’s some guidance to help you do it right.

5 Steps to Effectively Implement a New Company Policy


Consult With Legal and HR

The last thing you want is to get sued over a new policy. Avoid this by running every new rule by both your legal and human resources teams. They’re experts on these issues, so they can help you navigate any potential problems.

Make an Announcement

If you don’t make a big deal out of the new policy, employees won’t take it seriously — or even realize it’s there. Avoid this by formally introducing the new rule. Gather your team together to let them know a change is coming, and what you expect from them.

Explain the Purpose for the Policy

It can be hard for employees to take policy seriously if they don’t understand the reason behind it. Give some background information, so people know what prompted you to implement it. When they’re able to see where you’re coming from, they’ll recognize the need for it, increasing the chances of easy adoption.

Require Employees to Formally Acknowledge It

Hopefully, you’ll never have an issue enforcing this new policy. However, it’s important to have something to fall back on, just in case someone fails to comply. Creating a document that clearly states the policy and requiring employees to initial it covers your tracks in the event you’re forced to take disciplinary action.

Give People a Grace Period to Adjust

Learning to adhere to a new policy can take time. Allow employees a grace period to adapt, because even the most well-meaning people might accidentally slip a few times. You want employees to learn the rule, not live in fear of inadvertently breaking it, so offer a gentle reminder the first few times you observe non-compliance.

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