Your employees are your company’s most important asset. Therefore, when it’s time to add a new person to your team, it’s important to choose wisely. 

Knowing where to look to find the best fit can be a challenge. Sometimes the right person for the job is actively seeking new opportunities, but that isn’t always the case. Here’s some guidance to help you connect with the perfect candidate. 

4 Ways to Find Top Talent 


Participate in a Career Fair 

Meet a variety of job seekers at once by having a booth at a career fair. This can be especially helpful if you need to fill several positions at once. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with many different candidates who are actively pursuing a new role.  

Start an Employee Referral Program 

Your employees are very talented people, and they have networks filled with equally impressive peers. Encourage them to tap into their contact list by starting a referral program. For example, anyone who recommends a candidate who is hired and stays on board for at least six months gets $500. Employees know their choices are a direct reflection on them, so they won’t recommend anyone they don’t fully stand behind.  

Take on a Staffing Partner 

Leave your hiring to a professional by teaming up with a recruiter. Since they hire for a living, recruiters know exactly what to look for to find your ideal hire. They’ll carefully assess your company culture to ensure candidates are both a match for the job itself and your team. You’ll also gain access to their extensive talent pools, which include passive candidates who probably wouldn’t see your job posting otherwise. 

Improve Your Career Site 

Take a long look at the career portion of your website. If you didn’t know anything about your company, would it inspire you to apply? If not, make some necessary improvements to impress top talent  i.e., share pictures of your office space and fun team adventures, list enticing company benefits, highlight your company culture.   

Find qualified candidates

Having a little trouble finding candidates that truly impress you? Wood Staffing is here to change that. Contact us today to improve the caliber of hire at your Michiana company!  

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