It’s been a while since the last time you made a career move. You’re ready to take the next step, but you’re not sure if it’s appropriate to dust off your trusty old suit.

Traditionally, candidates were almost always expected to wear a standard uniform to a job interview — dark suit, white shirt, and minimal accessories — but things have changed. Here’s a guide to help you dress to impress in the modern interview era.

4 Tips to Choose the Perfect Interview Attire


Assess the Company Culture

In the past decade or so, companies have really found their own personalities. Instead of a formal culture across the board, different organizations have etched out their own way of being. For example, many tech companies have a super relaxed work environment, where employees wear jeans and play foosball in their free time.

Therefore, it’s important to carefully research the culture of the company where you’re interviewing, to get a feel for the vibe. Use this to guide your search for the perfect outfit.

Take It Up a Notch

Generally speaking, it’s best to show up to an interview dressed in attire one step up from the standard dress code. For example, if the company follows a casual dress code, you’d want to wear business casual interview attire. This shows you have a solid grasp on the company culture, but chose to dress up a bit to make a great impression.

Consider the Position

Even at the same company, entry-level and executive team positions are very different in nature. For both types of jobs, company culture should still be at the forefront when choosing an outfit. However, you’ll want to step it up a little further for top leadership positions. Don’t wear a suit to interview at a company where employees show up in jeans and t-shirts, but do arrive looking like a boss.

Give the Classic Suit a Makeover

In some cases, it’s still appropriate to arrive at an interview wearing a suit. For example, if the company follows a business casual dress code, a suit is the next step up. If you’re in this situation, do wear a suit, but find a way to modernize it — i.e., wear a bold-colored shirt or a skinny tie.

The exception would be if you’re interviewing at a very traditional company — perhaps in the legal or financial industries — where classic attire is expected. Since there’s no hard and fast rule, you just need to research your audience and tailor your clothing accordingly.

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