Balancing work and school is a challenge, but you’re willing to make the sacrifice. You know the extra effort you put in now will make your future even brighter. 

Of course, that doesn’t make life any easier in the present. Here’s some advice to help you do it all, without achieving burnout. 

5 Ways to Balance School and Work 


Create a Study Space at Home 

Whether you live alone or with your family, your home is filled with distractions. This is why having a designed study space is a must. You need a comfortable and quiet place to work, where you can focus on your studies without constant interruptions. Without this, you’ll never be able to accomplish much at home, which will make going back to school that much harder. 

Schedule Your Time 

There are only so many hours in the day, and you don’t have any time to waste. Being on top of your schedule is a must, so you can accomplish everything you need to each day. Everything from work and homework to errands and leisure activities needs to be scheduled right now, because you don’t have a lot of free time, so you need to maximize every second. 

Celebrate Little Wins 

No doubt, you’re eager for the end of the semester — or graduation — so you can get a break from school. However, it’s important to be proud of yourself every day and acknowledge the little things that serve as stepping stones to the bigger moments. So, when you get an “A” on a term paper, do something to celebrate, because you deserve it. 

Set Yourself Up for Success 

Going back to school definitely pushes you out of your comfort zone, but realistically, you can only go so far. Keep this in mind when scheduling classes and carving out time to study. For example, if you’re extremely extroverted, you’ll likely prefer classes held on campus, instead of online learning. Likewise, if you’re a morning person, it’s probably best to get up and study before work, instead of trying to push yourself to stay awake until midnight each evening. 

Give Yourself a Break 

All work and no play quickly leads to burnout, so don’t forget to schedule time for yourself. This might mean making time for Saturday nights out with friends or going to yoga a couple of times per week — whatever makes you happy and helps you unwind. It’s important to have this time to relax because, without it, you could get so stressed that you eventually cave to the pressure and drop out. 

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