Leaders drive your company to success, so it’s important to choose them wisely. Doing so might be harder than you realize, as being an outstanding employee doesn’t necessarily make someone leadership material.  

It’s important to know the soft skills that separate future leaders from the pack. Here’s how to identify employees who might be your next great leaders. 

5 Signs of Leadership Potential 


Commitment to the Organization 

Instead of focusing on themselves, leaders are most concerned with the greater good. Therefore, instead of finding ways to make themselves look better, they’re constantly coming up with ideas to improve the company as a whole. These people support their colleagues and do everything they can to help everyone do their best work for the good of the organization. Not surprisingly, they have a desire to grow within the company, because they believe in it. 

Emotionally Intelligent 

People are drawn to those with leadership potential because they put others first. This natural charisma allows them to really connect with their peers and develop strong relationships. Consequently, people listen to them, because they earn their trust by treating them with the kindness and respect they deserve. 

Impressively Self-Aware 

Employees with leadership potential might appear larger than life to their peers, but they have a realistic sense of self. They know they’re not perfect and have no trouble admitting their faults. This is a great characteristic in a leader because they don’t expect perfection. Instead, they encourage others to turn weaknesses into opportunities to learn and grow. 

Inherent Curiosity 

Leaders ask a lot of questions because they care. They want to learn all about the company’s strengths and weaknesses, so they can do work that will move the organization forward. When they receive assignments, they ask thoughtful questions, so they can complete the work in a manner that best supports organizational goals.  

Notably Resourceful 

No obstacle is too great for someone with leadership potential to conquer. You’ll never hear them say something cannot be done. Instead, they’ll keep working until they find a way to overcome the issue. They enjoy a challenge and will always impress you with their ability to change course on a dime. 

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