Hiring isn’t easy, even with a sky-high unemployment rate. As of June 2020, the unemployment rate is 11.1%  three times what it was in June 2019 — due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

On the surface, the volume of candidates looking for work might send the impression hiring will be a breeze. However, it’s not that simple. 

First of all, more applications make connecting with the right candidate like finding a needle in a haystack. Additionally, the instability of the current economy brings a variety of challenges that make it helpful to have a staffing partner on your side.  

3 Advantages of Working With a Staffing Firm During High Unemployment 


Hire Quickly 


Filling open positions is only one of your responsibilities. You have plenty of other tasks on your plate, which seriously slows down the hiring process. This will cause you to lose your top choices, because no matter how much candidates want to work for your company, they’re not willing to pass up a great offer elsewhere  especially if they’re currently unemployed. 

This becomes a non-issue when you work with a recruiter because they hire for a living. Chances are, the right person for the job is already in their network, and if not, they won’t stop searching until they’ve found them. This level of attention will allow your openings to be filled as quickly as possible, with your top-choice candidate. 

Enjoy Increased Flexibility 


Right now, the economy is unstable. You need to hire employees today, but a month from now, demand might not be the same. A recruiter can help you create a flexible staffing solution with temporary employees that allows you to make changes as needed. Taking this route makes it easy to add or decrease staff according to business needs. 

Lower Your Risk 


As you already know, being an employer comes with a great deal of responsibility — insurance coverage, paying certain taxes, and adhering to labor laws. When you work with a staffing firm, you’re able to eliminate some of these risks, because they’re typically considered the employer of record. While they’re on assignment at your company, the staffing firm is technically responsible for any temporary employees you hire, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about. 

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