You’ve mastered the art of speaking two languages, and that’s pretty amazing. Whether you became bilingual for family reasons or just because you wanted to be fluent in another language, you should feel very proud of this ability. 

What you might not realize is, being bilingual doesn’t just make it easier to communicate  it can make it easier to find a great new job. Here’s why it’s important to use your resume to let potential employers know you’re fluent in multiple languages. 

4 Reasons to Highlight Bilingual Skills on Your Resume 


Increase Your Marketability 

Being bilingual says a lot about you. Committing to learn a second language is no easy task. More than just fluency in another language, the fact that you were able to achieve this goal shows serious hard work and dedication on your part. Potential employers will be impressed with your motivation and drive because bilingual abilities aren’t something most people have. 

Stand Out From the Crowd 

Even if bilingual skills aren’t mentioned in the posting for the job you want, it still makes sense to emphasize this skill. You never know what the hiring manager has in store for the job down the road. Therefore, your bilingual abilities could give you a competitive edge on another candidate with otherwise equal skills.  

Showcase Your Desire to Learn 

You can’t master two languages without a strong curiosity. Employers appreciate that because curious people enjoy learning. This is a coveted quality, as hiring managers want candidates who are committed to personal growth. Your fluency in another language shows your desire to challenge yourself to be your very best. 

Assist With Cultural Differences 

Being bilingual isn’t just about speaking another language. Different languages also accompany different cultures that can be difficult for those unfamiliar with them to understand. From working with international clients and vendors relating to colleagues who hail from other countries, your bilingual abilities can be invaluable to an employer. 

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