You’ve been in the same job for a while now, and you know you’re doing great work. You thought you’d be granted a raise months ago, but waiting patiently hasn’t gotten you very far. 

Rising costs of living, combined with the feeling that you deserve more, has inspired you to finally ask your boss for the raise you’ve been wanting. You’re nervous, but you’re ready to get the ball rolling.  

Here’s some advice to increase your chances of getting the pay increase you deserve. 

4 Tips to Ask For a Raise the Right Way 


Know Your Worth 

Before going into the meeting, do your research. Use the Bureau of Labor Statistics wage data to learn what the average salary for your job is in your local area. This will help you know how much to ask your boss for and the number will be easy to justify since you used a very reputable source. 

State Your Value 

You’ve done a lot for the team since you started  or since your last raise  so don’t be too shy to market yourself. Come to the meeting prepared with a list of your top accomplishments, and if possible, quantify them to really emphasize your worth. This will put things in perspective for your boss and make it hard for them not to grant you the raise you’ve clearly earned. 

Time It Right 

It’s typically advisable to time your request for a raise with your company’s fiscal budget planning. This increases the chances money will be available for your raise, because the last thing you want is for your boss to say they’d be happy to give you a salary bump, but the money just isn’t there. It’s also wise to time the conversation right, so your boss is both in a good mood and currently pleased with you  i.e., you just finished a project that impressed them. 

Practice Your Delivery 

Asking for a raise is a really big deal. No doubt, you’re nervous about it, so spend a little time lightly rehearsing what you’ll say. Make sure your message is clear, so there’s no question that you want a pay bump to a certain dollar level immediately. Be confident and show enthusiasm about your future with the company to let your boss know you’re proud to be part of the team, and hope to stick around for the foreseeable future. 

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