The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented economic crisis — but your company has been able to weather the storm. In fact, your business is doing so well, you’re considering hiring.  

Rightfully so, the thought of hiring makes you nervous, considering the current state of the world. However, you’re starting to realize that not taking this step could hold your company back.  

You’ve been stuck in limbo for a while now, but you feel like it’s time to make a decision. Here are a few key signs you need to expand your workforce.

1. Customer Service Isn’t the Best

Your customer service team is great, but they’re having trouble keeping up with inquiries. Response times are slower than ideal and representatives aren’t able to provide the quality of service you’d like because they have so much on their plate. 

Poor customer service will quickly sully your company’s reputation. If customers don’t feel like they’re being helped in a timely manner and aren’t satisfied with the responses they receive, they’ll take their business elsewhere. Avoid this by bringing your customer service staff up to the level needed to serve clients quickly and efficiently, so they feel valued.

2. You’re Not Spending Enough Time on Core Responsibilities


As the boss, there are certain tasks that only you can complete. If you feel like you’re not able to accomplish as much as needed each day, take inventory of the responsibilities on your plate. There’s a good chance many are tasks that could easily be delegated to someone else. If this is the case, hire a new employee to handle these duties, so you can focus on running the company.

3. Your Team is Clearly Overworked


There’s a fine line between working hard and being overworked. If your team is constantly forced to work overtime, they’ve crossed that line. Putting in long hours at work on a regular basis leads to burnout. Give your employees a break and hire more staff so they can enjoy the work-life balance they deserve. 

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