You’re not happy in your job, but you’re not sure if trying to make a move during the COVID-19 pandemic is the best idea. Despite your dissatisfaction with your current role, you’re grateful to be gainfully employed and earning a steady paycheck. 

The good news is, there’s nothing wrong with looking for a new job in the current economy. As long as you’re aware going into the process that things will be different than in previous job searches, you can find a great new job in the midst of the pandemic.  

Here’s some advice to help you present your best self and increase your chances of being hired. 

4 Tips to Help You Find a New Job During the Pandemic 


Don’t Quit Prematurely 

Working at a job you really don’t like can be very frustrating. While it’s rarely ever advisable to quit your current job before finding a new one, this sentiment rings clearer now than ever. 

The unemployment rate is 11%as of June 2020, so you’re likely facing more competition than ever. This, combined with the fact that many employers have instituted a hiring freeze, means it will likely take you longer than usual to find a new job.  

Avoid getting into an uncomfortable financial situation by holding onto your job until you’ve accepted an offer elsewhere.  

Spend Extra Time on Your Application 

As noted above, many companies are not currently hiring. Therefore, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll find fewer jobs you’re interested in than in past job searches. Consider this an opportunity to really impress employers with an outstanding application fully tailored to each job.  

This will help sell your fit for the position while showing your enthusiasm for the job. Plus, other candidates will also be taking this step so you’ll need to put in the extra effort to remain competitive. 

Engage in Virtual Networking 

Even if you can find them, it’s probably not wise to attend in-person networking events right now. Thankfully, technology has made it possible to safely network from home. In addition to networking on sites like LinkedIn, many groups are offering events like virtual happy hours and webinars.  

Consider joining a professional association — with an active virtual networking calendar — so you’ll be privy to a regular schedule of events. 

Expand Your Horizons 

Right now, competition for the best jobs is intense. Fewer companies are hiring, while unemployment rates have consistently reached record-high levels over the past few months. Therefore, if you’re seriously unhappy in your current job, it might make sense to consider broadening your search criteria.  

A willingness to take on a different role in your industry or change careers altogether could increase your chances of finding a new job faster. Just make sure to really think this over; as you don’t want to make a rash decision and end up in a new job that’s actually worse than your current one. 

If you’re not happy in your job, consider exploring other options. Wood Staffing is here to guide your search for a fulfilling new opportunity during the pandemic. Contact us today to get started! 

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