Whether you’re working from home due to COVID-19 or were already doing so before the pandemic, you know it can be a challengeYou’re grateful for the ability to work remotely but doing so isn’t always easy. 

Your home is filled with distractions, and unlike at the office, there’s no boss present to keep you focused. Therefore, it’s up to you to minimize interruptions so you can make each day a productive one. Here are some tips to help you do your best work from home.

5 Tips to Avoid Distractions When Working Remotely 


Create a Designated Work Area 

You can’t expect to reach maximum productivity when working from the couch. Set yourself up for success by creating a designated workspace. This can be anything from a spare bedroom to a quiet corner of the kitchen as long as it’s a place where you can concentrate. 

Put Your Personal Phone Away 

In today’s connected era, most everyone is always within arm’s reach of their smartphone. However, this isn’t exactly conducive to productivity. Between text messages and social media updates it can be nearly impossible to focus when your phone is constantly chiming with notifications. Do yourself a favor and keep your phone in another room. When you reunite with it you can enjoy catching up on everything you missed. 

Take Breaks 

All work and no breaks will quickly lead to burnout. It might sound a little crazy, but giving yourself a break every couple of hours will actually improve your focus. This will keep your energy levels up all day so you’re not exhausted  and subsequently easily distracted  by afternoon. 

Get Dressed 

It can be tempting to stay in your pajamas all day when working from home because no one can see you. Even on video calls you’re only visible from the neck up. However, that can actually lead to an unproductive mindset. Getting dressed helps shift your mentality from relaxing at home to focusing on the workday ahead. 

Identify Your Biggest Distractions 

Everyone has different distractors. For example, some people focus better while listening to music while others can’t concentrate with any noise in the room. Be honest with yourself about what’s keeping you from reaching maximum productivity. This might mean giving up something you enjoy  i.e., watching television while working  but you won’t regret improving the quality of your work. 

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