Finding the best person for the job is a multi-step process that starts with the job description. Many employers mistakenly believe this isn’t much more than a formality, either writing one in haste or recycling a description that’s been used for years. 

Opting not to take the job description seriously is a huge mistake because it’s the first impression candidates get of the position. To captivate the right audience, you need an engaging job description that sells the role and correctly portrays the type of candidate you want. Use this advice to craft an informative description that attracts the right applicants.

5 Elements of an Effective Job Description 

Standard Job Title 

Some companies like to show their unique culture by coming up with non-traditional names for standard job titles. For example, a customer service rep might be termed a customer service ninja. While the intent is good, this can inadvertently confuse job seekers and keep postings from appearing in relevant search results. Therefore, it’s best to just stick to the industry standard name for the position so you don’t risk missing out on top talent. 

Detailed List of Job Duties 

A job description is not a place to be elusive. The same job title can have diverse meanings at different companies, so it’s important to clearly define the standard responsibilities associated with the position. If possible, it can be helpful to explain how often key tasks are performed — i.e., an administrative assistant might spend 20% of their day updating spreadsheets and 30% answering phones.  

You’ll also want to share the main goals associated with the job so the reader knows what they would be working toward if hired. Giving people as much information as possible can create a higher quality applicant pool because they’re able to make an informed decision on their fit for the job. 


No doubt, you have a list of requirements the chosen candidate must meet to be hired. For example, this could include certain educational attainment, experience, or skills. Make this clear so readers can understand what you’re looking for in a new hire. Being upfront about this will save both you and potential applicants time. 

Preferred Qualifications 

In addition to the requirements section, it’s also wise to include qualifications that aren’t essential but nice to have. This helps potential applicants further gauge their fit and encourages them to call out any of these qualifications on their resume or cover letter so they’re easier to spot. 


It might sound daunting, but it’s important to write a new job description every time you post an open position. As with most things, jobs typically evolve with time so a description used a few years ago is likely no longer accurate. Posting a description that doesn’t fully represent the job is misleading and attracts the wrong candidate; take the time to write a fresh one. 

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