You want your company to be a place where everyone feels welcome regardless of their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Things aren’t currently terrible at your workplace but you know there’s room for improvement — and so does your team.

More than half (55%) of U.S. employees believe their company should do more to foster diversity and inclusion, according to Glassdoor. Taking these steps is the right thing to do and it can also help attract and retain top talent. Here’s some advice to help make your culture warm and welcoming to everyone.

5 Ways to Foster a More Diverse Company Culture

Create an Inclusive Workspace

Your team is composed of a diverse group of people with very different needs. Take a hard look at your workspace to gauge how it’s really serving them. For example, you might need to add a breastfeeding room for new mothers or designate a gender-neutral restroom for transgender employees. These might seem like relatively minor changes but they can make a world of difference to employees who really need them.

Acknowledge Different Religious Holidays

Most of your team might celebrate mainstream religious holidays — i.e., Christmas — but it’s highly unlikely everyone follows this calendar. No one wants to feel like someone else’s religion is forced upon them — especially at work — so be sensitive to this. Instead of hosting an office Christmas party, make it a general holiday party. It’s also essential to give employees a few floating holidays each year so they don’t have to take vacation time to celebrate occasions sacred to them.

Take a Closer Look at Your Executive Team

More than just names on the masthead, your executive team is the face of your company. If there’s a lack of diversity and people of color, you’re inadvertently sending a message about your brand values — and it’s not a good one. Be more mindful when choosing company leaders by making sure they truly reflect your current team and the direction in which you’re headed.

Make Every Employee Feel Heard

Giving every team member a voice is a huge part of workplace diversity. Creating a culture where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions is a must. Employees don’t always have to agree, but they do need to respect one another. If this isn’t currently happening at your company, take measures to change things immediately.

Break Employee Engagement Data Down By Diversity Groups

Chances are, you conduct an annual employee engagement survey. However, results for the team as a whole won’t always tell the entire story. It’s important to segment data by diversity groups so you can make sure you’re properly serving everyone. For example, if your team is 75% men, you won’t get a realistic snapshot of women’s viewpoints unless data is broken down to specifically highlight their responses.

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