As an employer, keeping your team safe on the job is your top priority. The more guidance workers have to help them do their jobs safely and make careful decisions, the less likely they are to get hurt. 

It’s important to ensure new hires have safety training before starting their job, but you also need to reinforce these initiatives with everyone by holding regular safety trainings. The only problem is, these sessions are often dull, causing people to dread them. 

By making safety training more enjoyable, you’re able to keep people engaged, allowing them to retain more information. Here are a few ideas to help you make this happen. 

3 Ways to Make Safety Training Fun 


Hold a Competition 

Turn a boring safety training session into one your employees truly enjoy by including a game. This could be a trivia-style game, quiz, or even something more interactive, as long as it’s both fun and educational. 

You can either divide employees into teams or make it an individual initiative, as long as it creates friendly competition. Give the winner a prize, so there’s an incentive to win.  

Involve Employees in the Discussion 

Let’s face it — sitting through a safety lecture can get pretty dull. Even workers with the best intentions will likely start to lose focus after a while. 

Keep them interested by making them part of the training. For example, you might ask them to participate in demonstrations or share relevant examples from their own work. This will keep them engaged, so they’re better able to retain the information. 

Add a Little Humor 

Humor makes everything more fun. Turn a dry training session into a fun way to learn by making it humorous.  

For example, you might share photos or videos of what not to do, before explaining the proper technique. This will get people more interested in the training, making it more fun. It will also change the tone of the session to something that’s more enjoyable instead of a formality workers can’t wait to get through. 

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