You’ve been in your current job for a while now, so when an internal position became available that would be a step up, you decided to interview for it. Unfortunately, someone else was selected, and now you’re feeling discouraged. 

It’s only natural to be disappointed when you don’t get a job you want  and feel you were fully qualified for  but that just means there’s a better opportunity in your future. Here’s how to handle the situation gracefully, because doing so can be difficult. 

4 Steps to Take When You’re Passed Up for an Internal Position 


Know It’s Not Personal 

It’s easy to take offense when you vie for an internal position that’s given to someone else. You have every right to feel upset, but realize the hiring manager just chose the candidate they considered the best fit. This has nothing to do with you as a person  it’s just a business decision.  

Behave Like a Professional 

You’re frustrated about being passed up for the job, but don’t use this as an excuse to conduct yourself in an unprofessional manner. Lashing out or otherwise behaving poorly will only make your boss  or another internal hiring manager  feel relieved they didn’t choose you. It could also hurt your chances of getting another job in the future  or even cause you to lose your current one. 

Request Feedback 

You won’t know why you weren’t chosen for the position unless you ask. Request a meeting with the person who filled the position to obtain feedback to learn and grow for next time. They’ll likely offer valuable insights about skills and experience you need to gain, increasing the chances you’ll be selected for the next job. 

Weigh Your Future With the Company 

If, after taking time to think about the situation, you feel like you were unfairly passed up for the job, it might be time to look elsewhere. You’re a talented person with a lot to offer, so if your current employer won’t support your career growth, you’ll have no trouble finding another company that will. 

Feeling like you’ll never climb the ladder at your current job?

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