If you’re like many people, a job interview can rattle your nerves to the core. Despite careful preparations, it’s easy to make mistakes when you’re seriously anxious  and that’s exactly what happened. 

You just finished an interview, and you don’t feel like you did your best. Whether you stumbled on the answer to a question or forgot to mention something you think would give you a competitive edge, you’re feeling frustrated. 

The good news is, it’s not too late to do damage control. Here’s some advice to help you bounce back from your blunder.  

4 Steps to Handle a Bad Interview 


Stop Fixating on It 

It’s definitely easier said than done, but the more you think about the mistake you feel you made, the more upset you’ll get. There’s a very good chance the interviewer didn’t even notice your blunder. Carefully weigh this possibility before taking action, because you don’t want to draw attention to something that wasn’t on their radar in the first place.  

Decide Your Next Steps 

Before taking action, honestly weigh the pros vs. cons of speaking up. Decide whether your mistake could truly disqualify you for the job and whether offering up new information could be a game-changer. It’s important to really think this through before making a move, so you don’t do something that works against you. 

Find a Savvy Way to Address the Situation 

If you decide you need to speak up about your misstep, do so in a crafty manner. For example, since you’ll be sending a thank you note anyway, you might include a line at the end briefly summarizing the extra detail you wanted to include. This is a subtle way to get your point across, without really highlighting your mistake. 

Consider It a Learning Experience 

Having a bad interview doesn’t feel great, but you can turn it into something positive. As long as you learn from it, the experience will bring growth. This will allow you to improve for next time, so you won’t make the same mistake twice. The more you interview, the more polished you’ll become, so don’t be too hard on yourself. 

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