After interviewing more candidates than you care to count, you’ve just hired several new light industrial employees. This is a huge relief, as you’ve been short-staffed for while and you’re really excited about the talented professionals just about to join your team. 

Many companies think their work is done after offer letters are signed, but in reality, it’s just begun. If your new light industrial employees don’t receive proper onboarding, there’s a good chance they’ll be out the door in no time. Use this advice to make sure that doesn’t happen. 

4 Tips to Successfully Onboard Light Industrial Employees 


Reach Out After Their Offer is Accepted 

Don’t wait until their first day to welcome new hires to the team — especially if they won’t be starting for a few weeks. Have HR or their new manager give them a call to congratulate them and explain what to expect on their first day. It’s also a good idea to send them paperwork to complete prior to their start date, so they can get it out of the way early. 

Make Them Feel Welcome on Their First Day 

Starting a new job is often an nerve-wracking experience, so go out of your way to give new employees a warm welcome. Send an introductory email to the team prior to the big day, so they know who the new hire is and the role they’ll be filling. Make sure their ID badge is ready, their workstation is set up, and that someone is available to greet them upon arrival. Arrange a group lunch with core team members, so they can get to know their new colleagues in a more relaxed setting. 

Create a Busy Training Schedule 

New hires are excited to start their jobs, so it’s always a letdown if much of their first days and weeks are spent doing practically nothing. Help them get up to speed as quickly as possible by making a comprehensive training schedule. This can be a mix of solo and guided instruction, as along as each activity has a clear purpose — i.e., no busywork. Knowing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing will be a huge relief, because no one wants to feel lost at a new job. 

Create a 30-60-90 Day Plan 

Your new hires want to please you, but they’re not mind-readers. Get on the same page from day one by creating a 30-60-90 day plan that clearly outlines your expectations. This should include reasonable short- and long-term goals that will help them excel at their job. Meet with them regularly discuss their progress and listen to any feedback they have. This shows your desire to help them succeed and will make them feel valued from the start. 

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