Lately, things have been hectic at your job. In fact, you’ve had so much on your plate, you’ve fallen a bit behind. You feel like your current approach to tackling your workload isn’t particularly effective, so you’re searching for new strategies to help you catch up. 

Clearly, you’re already committed to making positive changes, so now all you need is a bit of guidance. Here’s three techniques to incorporate into your day that will change the way you work for the better.   

3 Tips to Get Caught Up at Work  and Stay There 


Schedule Times to Check Email 

Chances are, you read email as soon as you receive a notification a new message has arrived in your inbox. You’re certainly not alone in this habit, but it’s hampering your productivity. Turn your notifications off and start setting designated times to check email  preferably two or three times per day. Eliminating this major distraction will improve your concentration, so you can accomplish more each day. 

Complete Quick and Easy Tasks First 

It can be hard to focus when your to-do list is a mile long. Start work each morning by completing items that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. This will allow you to feel more productive, so you can slow down and concentrate on tasks that take longer. When you’ve already crossed several duties off your list, you won’t be as inclined to rush through more complex items. 

Prioritize Your Workload 

Every assignment doesn’t have equal urgency. Stay on top of more pressing matters by choosing a few items to prioritize each day. This will allow you to focus on the most time-sensitive tasks, so you can complete them and move on to the next. Without this approach, it’s hard to accomplish anything, because you’re pulled in too many different directions. You’ll be able to keep up with deadlines, while improving the quality of your work.  

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