When it comes to filling open positions on your team you know sticking to traditional routes — i.e., posting on job boards — won’t necessarily allow you to find the best person for the job. Therefore, you’ve decided to incorporate social media into your approach.

Nearly three-quarters — 72% — of American adults use at least one social media platform according to the Pew Research Center. Clearly, this is a great way to get in front of both active and passive job seekers, so here are a few tips to help you create a strategy that works.

5 Tips for Using Social Media to Recruit Candidates


Choose the Right Platform

Your ideal candidate base isn’t active on every social media platform, so it’s important to figure out which sites they’re using and focus your efforts accordingly. For example, creatives tend to gravitate toward visual platforms like Instagram while writers often prefer text-based sites like Twitter.

Create a Separate Account for Recruiting

It’s almost inevitable that your company has a presence on at least one social media site. This is great, but it’s best to separate recruiting initiatives from your organization’s main account. Doing so will allow you to create content that solely focuses on your company culture and available jobs, ensuring it won’t get lost in the mix.

Offer a Glimpse of Life at Your Company

Applying for a job at an organization you know little or nothing about can be intimidating. Help candidates feel more comfortable — and get downright excited — about submitting an application by sharing photos of your office space, team events, and recent projects. Allowing people to see what goes on behind the scenes will help them decide if your team seems like a good fit.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Considering the high volume of content on every social media platform, it’s easy for posts to get lost in the mix. Help yours stand out by adding relevant hashtags to each post so the right people can easily find it. For example, if you’re hiring an administrative assistant you might use #administrativeassistant.

Always search each hashtag first to make sure it gets a high volume of traffic and doesn’t actually have a different meaning than intended.

Promptly Respond to Comments and Messages

Job seekers will inevitably use your social media account to reach out with questions. Some will send direct messages, while others will write comments on your posts. It’s important to respond to them within a day, to keep prospects engaged and show enthusiasm for their interest in your company. If you wait too long, they’ll lose interest and come away with a negative impression of your company.


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